Homeward Bound Ii - Lost In San Francisco by Walt Disney Video

Homeward Bound Ii - Lost In San Francisco by Walt Disney Video
Homeward Bound Ii - Lost In San Francisco by Walt Disney Video (click images to enlarge)

Homeward Bound Ii - Lost In San Francisco by Walt Disney Video

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Your favorite trio of talking animals is back in this action-packed Disney adventure that'll have the whole family bursting with excitement and laughter! Michael J. Fox, Sally Field, and Ralph Waite supply the voices of Chance, the American bulldog; Sassy, the Himalayan cat; and Shadow, the golden retriever -- and Sinbad speaks for their newfound canine friend, Riley -- in this critically acclaimed sequel to Disney's now-classic HOMEWARD BOUND: THE INCREDIBLE JOURNEY. When the pets accidentally get separated from their vacationing owners, Chance, Shadow, and Sassy navigate the mean streets of San Francisco, trying to find their home across the Golden Gate Bridge. But the road is blocked by a series of hazards, both man and beast. It's another incredible journey for three very brave, very lovable pets, in a thrilling, funny adventure that's 'bound to please' (New York Post) the entire family!|The movie, shot entirely on location in and around Vancouver, British Columbia, and San Francisco, features an animal cast of 40 canine and 10 feline performers. Four dogs were actually used to portray Chance and Shadow, though the lead roles went to hounds Petey and Clovis.|Chance gets a girlfriend, Delilah, in this sequel to HOMEWARD BOUND, and a tune in honor of his romance, "Dog On A Date."|Movie critic Roger Ebert quipped Chance "seems to have learned the English language from old Jughead comic books, and says things like, 'Dogs rule, cats drool' and 'OK, pal -- you're toast!' "|Six different Himalayan cats were used to portray Sassy.

This movie follows the unwritten law of sequels: bring back the same characters and put them in similar jeopardy with slightly tweaked circumstances. Instead of a cross-country journey, this time the pet trio must get from the San Francisco airport across the Golden Gate Bridge to their suburban home. Michael J. Fox and Sally Field return as the voices of Chance the bulldog and Sassy the cat, with Ralph Waite replacing the late Don Ameche as the elderly golden retriever. Their journey features dogfights, house fires, an epic battle with a pair of petnappers, and a love affair for Chance with a stray from the other side of the bridge (Carla Gugino). Sinbad voices another dog who guides them through the mean streets of the city by the bay, and Robert Hays stars as the father, but, frankly, that hardly matters. What does is the animals' banter, and they're funny. (Ages 3 and up) --Kimberly Heinrichs

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