Hallmark Collectors Set V6 from Echo Bridge Home Entertainment

Hallmark Collectors Set V6 from Echo Bridge Home Entertainment
Hallmark Collectors Set V6 from Echo Bridge Home Entertainment (click images to enlarge)

Hallmark Collectors Set V6 from Echo Bridge Home Entertainment

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Description of Hallmark Collectors Set V6 by Echo Bridge Home Entertainment

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Sarah Bishop (Tracey Needham) and her estranged sister Beth (Natasha Gregson Wagner) are reunited after their father Buddy (Ronny Cox) suffers a mild stroke. Buddy, who's never accepted the loss of his wife Lorraine (Meredith Baxter), wants only one thing--to return home for Christmas. With sweet memories of a life gone by, Sarah makes an impossible wish that her mother could be there, too. By morning, it is as if a winter prayer has been answered. Bearing a message of hope, healing, and everlasting love, a miracle has arrived...

Richie Greene's (Frank Whaley) luck is about to run out. His latest con has failed miserably and now he can't repay Paulie (Dan Riordan), a merciless loan shark who has promised to start removing Richie's fingers until he pays up. And then...the phone rings. On the line is an offer he can't refuse: to look after his ailing grandmother Clyde (Marion Ross), who he's never even met. As Clyde's only living relative, Richie would also be the only heir to her estate. In need of a hideout, a decent scam, and a nice inheritance, Richie says hello to Hicksville...only to discover that Clyde is anything BUT the naïve old lady knocking on death's door he'd hoped for...

Tom Gerrin (Jack Lemmon), a retired cabinetmaker, moves in with his son, Ken, and daughter-in-law, Bonnie, after the death of his wife. Ken and Bonnie mean well, but smother Tom with their self-conscious attempts at kindness. Tom, bored and lonely, is simply waiting to die. When a traveling circus comes to the town of Beaumont, Kansas,Tom meets a 21-year-old free spirit named Leanne Bossert (Sarah Paulson) and the unlikely pair hitchhike from Kansas to California. It's a rocky road to begin with, Tom is a curmudgeonly old carpenter and Leanne is the offbeat, irreverent child of a wealthy but troubled family. In learning to respect each other's differences, they become the best of mismatched friends. It is their unique friendship that gives each the courage to embrace new beginnings and face the sad finales that greet them at their journey's end. While in Monterey, California, Tom looks up an old pre-marriage sweetheart, Veronica (Betty Garrett). Happily and unexpectedly, the two enjoy a 55-year-later reunion--a sweet moment it is in both their lives. Although Tom eventually decides to return to Kansas, he refuses to return to his previous waiting-to-die existence. Thanks to two very special women Tom's attitude toward life is very much changed.

OUT OF THE WOODS Matt Fleming (Jason London) can't get it together. His career as a hotshot L.A. lawyer isn't so hot, his financial affairs are a mess, and his frustrating relationship with his girlfriend is weighed down by guilt over his reluctance to commit. Matt isn't exactly the kind of guy one goes to for help, but he's his mother's only hope. She worries that her father Jack (Emmy® and Golden Globe® winner Ed Asner), a hermit in the backwoods town of Acquisition, needs assistance. Agreeing to check up on the old man, Matt heads upstate for what proves to be an eye-opening trip. With no electricity, gas, or phone, Grandpa is nothing if not eccentric. He couldn't be more at peace with himself. For a material guy like Matt, this bare-bones existence is hard to fathom. Then he meets Gwen, a single mother who delivers Grandpa's groceries. She, too, enjoys rural peace, appreciates the elderly man's simplicity, and exposes Matt to the pleasures of a less complicated life--until his complications follow him to town. Matt is faced with a decision that will change his life and the lives of all those he has touched.

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